With a strong understanding of the proposed task at hand, and the leadership and thoroughness to follow through, STEVENS Engineers and Constructors will safely and efficiently take on and accomplish jobs other companies will not even consider.

One example of the commitment STEVENS makes to getting the job done is the repair of a 32” cast iron underground water main. This main was leaking so long, it created a lake in which fish were actually living. To make matters worse, a refinery and two steel mills needed to shutter production in order for the repair to happen to this line. STEVENS developed a plan, secured the material and equipment necessary, and installed a double 30” stopple that isolated water roughly an eighth of a mile away. STEVENS then drained the lake and installed a custom fabricated set-up of conversion couplings to splice in a piece of standard 30’ steel pipe to the cast iron and correct the problem. All work was completed from start to finish in less than a week, with only 48 hours of interrupted water service to the facilities.


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Location: Burns Harbor, Indiana

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors recently fabricated and installed almost 40,000 LF of stainless piping between two new continuous casters in Northwest Indiana. STEVENS was able to complete this work, from material procurement to machine start-up, in under three months on a brand-new caster, by utilizing our bending capabilities and our Tip-Tig welders. On an existing caster, we were able to complete the work on an upgrade outage of Molds and Oscillators in 10 days. This pipe varied in size from 20” all the way to ¾” while the material ranged from carbon steel to 316 stainless and in-schedule from standard to XXS. All this work was performed to B31.1 code with well over 2,000 heli-arc welds. Throughout this entire job, STEVENS did not have a single rejected weld.

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Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors started working for INDSPEC back in the late 1980s. starting with some small process piping and eventually turned into both a primary maintenance contractor, as well as their primary civil contractor.

Over those years we performed numerous day-in day-out maintenance repairs working with INDSPEC engineers and maintenance departments. We coordinated our work with operators/product schedules.

In addition, STEVENS helped, sometimes with CDMG engineers, to develop large capital projects including preliminary schedules and budgets, working with INDSPEC to have proper permits issued on a timely basis.

Some of these large projects include:

Foam house installation
A 30’x45’x10’ clock building with a poured built up roof
Included tie-ins to their underground fire loop and a new distribution valve system
Ether extraction/explosion walls

Other major projects included:

The Copeland reactor rebuild
Five mixer replacements
Carbonated liquor tank build and install

These projects included an extensive lock out, tag-out and try-out programs.

Large demolition of process equipment
Extensive repair and placement of client foundations
Engineered lifts and heavy rigging of large tanks and meticulous alignments of motors, pumps and process piping

There was an extremely challenging job that required us to demo an old existing block process building and rebuild it with new explosion proof materials, with minimum downtime in a very explosive environment. STEVENS successfully completed this job with zero accidents or near misses.

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Location: Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors and/or CDMG have performed work or provided services at numerous PPG facilities including Springdale and Creighton, Pennsylvania as well as in numerous places in West Virginia. Our most involvement has been our presence at PPG Cleveland for more than 30 years.

The wide range of services we have been providing include:

  • Building foundations
  • Plant roadways
  • Building supply and erection
  • Office and laboratory builds/rebuilds
  • Building utility services and boiler installations utilizing heavy rigging procedures

Piping services have included fire line installation and maintenance (above and below grade) and process piping.

We are proud to be able to say that over the past five years, STEVENS has worked nearly 150,000 hours without a recordable accident.

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