Should You Add On To Your Business Or Invest In A Metal Building?

Is your business in a position where you are looking to expand?

If so, that probably means business is booming, and you need more space for more business activities. This is an excellent problem to have.

But when your business does outgrow your current situation, you have to decide whether to expand your existing building or move to a new business location.

If your business operates out of a traditional wood-frame building, you will find it challenging to expand at your current location.

Wood-framed buildings are hard to expand, and you might not have the room.

If your business is in a metal structure, you're in luck. If you have the room, expanding your steel building is incredibly easy.

If you're in a traditional building, it might be time to relocate and invest in a pre-engineered steel building.

So if your business grows even more in the future, you can add to it without much issue.

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In the article below, we will look at why you should invest in a steel building when you need to expand your business.

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Short Construction Times

Sometimes moving your business to a new location means there will be some downtime.
Fortunately, building with steel allows for much shorter construction times so you can get your business operating quickly in your new location.
Steel buildings have shorter construction times because they are pre-engineered.
This means that the building arrives all at once.  Construction isn't slowed, or halted, while you wait for the next piece to get delivered.
This process will significantly reduce the time it takes to get your business to your new location.

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Easy Maintenance

When you're running a successful business, the last thing you need to worry about is your building's condition.
With traditional buildings, you have to worry about things like pest control and severe weather affecting the condition of your structure.
But steel is an ageless material that can last for generations with minimal maintenance.
And it will keep the same ageless appearance it had on day one.
Your metal building will also be resistant to mold and mildew, so you won't have to be as concerned about finding a moldy surprise anywhere in your building.

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Floor plan Flexibility

As a business owner, one of the most important things is having the freedom to design your business to operate in the most efficient manner possible.  
A metal building gives you the freedom to design a floor plan that works best for your business.
Without the need for support walls like you need in traditional buildings, a metal building floor plan is a blank canvas.
Remodeling is also quick and easy in the future.

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Metal buildings are very eco-friendly


Energy efficiency has become a priority for many businesses. If not for the benefits it has on the environment, it's for the benefits it has to lower energy bills.
Many commercial buildings consume a high amount of electricity, leading to increased energy bills.
An insulated steel building can block the temperature exchange and could reduce your energy bills significantly.
That not only saves you money on your bill, but it increases the value of your property.
And, building steel structures shows prospective clients and customers that you care about the environment.

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Metal buildings are much more cost-effective when compared to traditional materials.
Staying competitive in today's economy means you need to reduce as many overhead expenses as possible.
Building with metal helps you save money right away.
It's estimated that the total cost of constructing a traditional wood-framed building ranges anywhere between $23 and $40 per square foot.
Compare this to the cost of $12 to $18 per square foot with a metal building, and you can see how much money you can save before you even get into your building.

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When people think of metal buildings, the first thing they picture is a big warehouse or a metal barn that sticks out like a sore thumb.
Many people are surprised when they find out the types of businesses that operate in metal buildings.
Restaurants, churches, shopping malls, and schools can all operate in metal buildings.
A pre-engineered metal building can accommodate any business.
And if you fall in love with your metal building at work, you can even build a new home with steel.

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In addition to designing your floor plan precisely the way you want, there are also several customization options with metal buildings.
You can customize your metal building to fit the exact needs of your business.
You can customize the design, roof-style, size, side-panels, color, and exterior finish.
Moreover, there are add-ons available to you, like skylights, windows, wainscoting, and garage doors.
You can design the building you want down to the finest detail.

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The durability of a steel building should go without saying.
Steel is the most durable building material, far more durable than the alternatives.
The strength to weight ratio of steel is much higher than other options, making your steel structure strong and reliable.
Custom steel buildings can withstand blizzards, tornados, hailstorms, and hurricanes much better than traditional buildings.
To get a building that will last and allow your business to stand the test of time and elements, you should invest in steel buildings.

Metal buildings can stand up to the elements better than traditional buildings.

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You need a building that can support the growth of your business. 

The expansion of traditional wood buildings is difficult and costly.  Investing in a steel building gives you the versatility you need for your business to keep growing. 

If you're in a metal building already, expanding your current footprint will be easier.

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