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Our metal building team custom-engineers your building to the precise requirements that you need.  

Whether you have a building that will be in an area that experiences high winds or have to deal with larger snow loads like the states near the Great Lakes, our pre-engineered metal buildings are designed with your location in mind. 

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At STEVENSour metal building systems team provides advanced Pre-engineered Metal Building Kits to streamline your next steel buildings project. Prefab metal building kits have unlimited, customizable options to make yours unique and one-of-a-kind.

Our custom steel building kits' design flexibility allows you to tailor your metal building to match your business needs. Our pre-engineered steel metal buildings can be adapted for Manufacturing BuildingsEnergy and Power Plants, Data CentersDistrubution Centers, or any other number of industrial custom metal buildings your business requires. With the customization and design options available to you, it's clear to see why you should choose a pre-engineered metal building from STEVENS.

There are many metal building types to choose from.  Thankfully, STEVENS, along with its subsidiary, CDMG, has the expertise needed to help you with your metal building. 

We can help supply and erect the following types of buildings:


Aircraft Hangar

Automotive Manufacturing


Crane Buildings

Data Centers

Distribution Centers

Food And Beverage

Fulfillment Center



Metal Industry


Oil & Gas

Server Farms





Waste Water

Water Treatment

Yes.  Depending on what the intended use of your PEMB can affect the price.  

Some buildings, like a shipbuilding, or wind turbine manufacturing facility might require a higher level of engineering due to the cranes and other systems involved with the building.  Warehouses and distribution centers will typically require less engineering that will have less of an impact on the price. 

Your location is very important when it comes to designing your prefabricated building.

Metal Building Manufacturers have to take into account what kind of climate the structure will be in.

Is it an area that experiences high winds, and strong storms?  Is there seismic activity that needs to be considered in the design process?  Will flooding be an issue?  Is the location in the Snowbelt states where it will have to handle a higher load of snow?

All of these matter when it comes to designing and building your PEMB.