Metal Building Company in Wauconda, Il

At STEVENS, our metal buildings team can provide advanced Pre-engineered Metal Building Kits to streamline your next steel building project in Wauconda. Prefab metal buildings have unlimited, customizable options to fit your business's specific needs. 

Our custom-engineered buildings allow you to tailor your metal building to match your business needs. Our pre-engineered steel buildings can be adapted for:

  • Government buildings
  • Distribution centers and metal warehouses
  • Recreational metal sports facilities
  • Metal medical buildings
  • Metal storage buildings
  • Any industry that requires a durable, customizable building that can be designed to meet local and industry-specific business codes

With the customization and design options available to you, it's clear to see why you should choose a pre-engineered metal building for your business

The STEVENS metal building team creates customizable, high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings constructed with American-made, recyclable Nucor steel. 

Keep reading to learn more about our prefabricated metal buildings and how they can help your business.



As the leading metal building manufacturer, we know that every building project is an investment in your business.

This means that you should invest time conducting thorough research to understand what materials and construction company you should partner with to get the job done right the first time. You want to make sure that they have the design flexibility to match your specific business needs. 

As one of the largest private construction firms in the metal building industry, our industrial engineers have the experience, workforce, resources, and expertise to:

  • Custom-design your metal building to your specific needs and preferences
  • Manage your metal building project from development and design to erection and completion
  • Construct your metal building kit and bring your building dreams to reality

With the utilization of the advanced design system, BIM, our 3D building modeling software, and Nucor steel, our steel building company can provide the industrial buildings solution you need. We can handle the entire prefab metal building project from start to finish, helping you save time and money. 

One of the ways we help you do that is by partnering with the Nucor Building Systems to deliver you a metal building made with the highest-quality American-made steel.  Keep reading to see the difference our Nucor partnership can make for you. 



STEVENS has partnered with Nucor Building Systems because of their environmentally-friendly, American-made, high-quality steel made from 90% recycled steel (and is 100% recyclable). 

Nucor building system follows a FOCUS process that produces the best steel buildings in the industry. FOCUS stands for: Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, and Solutions that work.

Constructing our pre-engineered steel buildings with Nucor steel allows us to provide each client with a sustainable, durable pre-engineered steel building that adheres to the green movement Earth-first mindset.

Keep reading to learn more about how an environmentally friendly steel building is right for your business.



These are just some of the benefits you'll receive when you choose a custom steel building from a steel building manufacturer like STEVENS in Wauconda:

  1. An aesthetically pleasing structurally designed metal building that provides the highest level of functionality for your business and has outstanding curb appeal.
  2. Our custom-engineered metal building systems are environmentally friendly as we use American-made Nucor steel, which is 90% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.
  3. The design flexibility allows your metal buildings to meet your exact industry requirements and specifications.
  4. Cost-effective processes in the design and erection of your commercial steel buildings will help decrease construction time.
  5. Simplified building design and construction allow for a quick and efficient erection of your metal building.
  6. The structural designs of pre-engineered metal buildings are durable - holding up to Mother Nature's snowfall, high winds, downpours, and more.
  7. Our pre-engineered steel buildings' structures are versatile, allowing for easy expansion in the future and accommodating for a wide range of metal building sizes. Our metal buildings are designed to grow with your business
  8. Pre-engineered steel buildings can adapt to many energy-efficient insulation systems, which help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Keep reading to see how our metal building team utilizes industry-leading software to create a virtual design to help you see what your metal building will look like before it is constructed. 


As mentioned earlier, BIM or Building Information Modeling is a 3D building modeling digital software we utilize to design your prefabricated metal buildings.


The building systems team uses this advanced design technology to consider general geometry, spatial relationships, and geographical influences while building a virtual model of what your steel building will look like when construction is complete.

With BIM, you can be assured that your metal buildings will have enough support and room for proper flow and function. This software technology identifies any potential hazards in the metal building's design structure to prevent and solve problems before erection begins, avoiding costly delays.

Our metal building experts' utilization of BIM allows our team to complete your project by the promised timeframe, within your chosen budget and minimizing issues during erection.

See why you should choose the top metal building company for your next project. 

Work With The Top Metal Builders At STEVEns In Wauconda

Our Wauconda prefabricated building team takes pride in focusing on our relationships with clients, ensuring that we understand their specific needs and requirements for their steel building project. 

We develop and erect commercial metal buildings that provide building solutions that fit our clients' needs and designs while also meeting all the local codes and industry-specific requirements for your steel building.

We can provide you with a full-service metal building design team to develop, design, and erect a steel building structure that follows every specification and requirement you (and your industry) have.

By choosing to build with STEVENS, you will get a metal building that is:

  1. American-made metal buildings, environmentally-friendly steel from Nucor
  2. Durable metal buildings that are cost-effective compared to wood and other traditional building processes
  3. BIM software advantages when designing your custom metal building structure 
  4. Full-service metal building manufacturers from conception to erection
  5. An industry-leading company with over 75 years of experience

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