What Are The Advantages of Government Metal Building?

Government buildings typically fall into two unique categories.

They either fulfill a distinct purpose, or they house multiple operations under one roof.

Since government buildings vary so much, they have to be customizable and flexible.

Because of these two distinct advantages, metal buildings have become the preferred building for many municipal buildings and government agencies.

Whether you need a government building complex made from scratch or you're looking to upgrade your existing facilities, metal building manufacturers can deliver exactly what you're looking for.

In the article below, we'll take a look at why a pre-engineered steel building for your government facility is an excellent choice.

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What Is A PreFabricated Steel Building?

A pre-engineered metal building is an enclosed structure that includes a steel framework and often includes metal walls and a metal roof as well.

The frame is made of plate steel, and many metal buildings will have roof beams and columns that are shipped to the construction site ready to be bolted together.

There is usually a secondary structure of spanned members called purlins that run perpendicular and on top of the frames.

The roof of the building will attach to the purlins.

Prefab steel structures also have a series of grits spanning the frame consisting of secondary members that support the wall cladding system.



Steel Buildings are Durable and Weather Resistant

Government agencies must minimize damage to buildings that can hinder government workers from doing their jobs.

Traditional structures with wood frames are incredibly easy to ruin or destroy.

Lumber and other traditional materials are more susceptible to termites and rodents. 

Strong winds, heavy rains, and other natural disasters can completely destroy a wooden structure.

And even if the building isn't completely destroyed, wood building frames can allow for a lot of damage to be done to items within the structure.

They won't keep out moisture, so if there’s a heavy rainstorm or flood, the contents of your government building will be damaged.

And wooden buildings don't stand a chance against fires.

Any natural disaster or pest infestation can result in important documents being lost, public funding being eliminated, and the destruction of computers and technology.

But if you construct a pre-engineered steel building, the concerns for any of these scenarios will be mitigated.

Pests can't eat through steel, and metal structures can hold up to the toughest natural disasters.

And steel also is waterproof and resistant to fire, so the contents of your government building will be safe in the most extreme conditions.


Metal Buildings Have Faster Construction Time

If you need more space or a brand new building sooner than you first expected, you can meet your deadlines if you build with steel.

Just like business owners who build commercial buildings with steel, the sooner a government agency can get into their new structure, the better.

Opting for a pre-engineered metal building for your government or municipal facility is perhaps the fastest way to get your project completed.

With steel construction, the building is constructed in an indoor facility.

Then the parts are sent to the job site and put together using construction diagrams that list pre-cut components and designated numbers for use in the structure.

Since the components arrive prefabricated at your site, no cutting or welding is required.

Construction time is often cut in half if you choose to build with steel over traditional methods.


Steel Structures Are Easy To Expand

Many project managers choose to build with steel because they are easy to expand in the future.

Metal building systems are constructed using plates of steel that make them incredibly easy to expand.

With traditional building methods, both interior and exterior walls would need to be knocked down, and load-bearing walls have to stay in place to make way for an annex to be built.

This costs a lot of money, and it creates debris and damage that would put that part of the building out of commission. 

Expanding a traditional building could take weeks or months and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But metal buildings don’t require this type of construction for expansion.

Steel panels can be removed when you need to add on to the building, and there are no load-bearing walls to account for.

New steel panels will be added to create the expansion your agency needs.

The process typically doesn't take long depending on your project and it won’t result in higher costs, debris, or destruction.

And the panels removed from your original structure can be reused as another wall within your newly-formed annex, making it easy to reuse.

This is a great way to reduce waste and care for the environment.



Metal Structures Are High-Quality, Flexible, and Cost-Effective

One of the most important things to understand about a steel building project is that they are high-quality and long-lasting.

Steel is one of the most durable, energy-efficient, and strongest construction materials available.

Steel structures are also very flexible, so there are several different ways to use one of these spaces.

Clear span designs and large openings can be integrated into steel structures to accommodate most needs, and these solutions are almost infinitely scalable.

There are turnkey solutions available, but you can design a custom metal building to fit your exact needs as well.

You also get all of this at a lower cost than traditional construction, especially in the long term.

Costs are more predictable with pre-engineered metal buildings, and there is less waste produced.

You also need less unskilled labor for these jobs.

These are all factors that will keep the building costs under control.


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