Industrial Metal Buildings For The Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The automobile has been a staple in our lives since the first Model T came off of the assembly line.

And the industrial metal building industry has grown alongside the automotive manufacturing industry.

Automotive metal buildings are ideal for the automotive industry because they are:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be used to store vehicles and give companies the space and safety they need to keep them protected.

But prefabricated steel buildings are ideal for automotive manufacturing facilities.

The auto manufacturing industry uses steel buildings because it gives them the option to build the space to meet their specific requirements.

One of the reasons auto manufacturers choose metal buildings is due to the near limitless customization options the steel structures offer them.

They can customize their buildings to house assembly lines and heavy-duty cranes for material handling at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials.

In the article below, we will talk more about how industrial metal buildings are perfect for the automotive manufacturing industry.

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Prefabricated Steel Building for Your Automobile Manufacturing Plant

Prefabricated steel building in the automotive industryThere really isn't another industry that values efficiency the same way auto manufacturing does.

After all, the auto manufacturing industry invented the assembly line.

Using a prefab metal building kit is the most efficient way to build a new structure, which is why they are so appealing to the automotive manufacturing industry.

Pre-engineered steel structures are more versatile than traditional building methods. They can be customized to meet automotive manufacturers' exact requirements while still allowing for future expansions.

This means that if your business outgrows your current building, you can easily expand your building to meet the needs of your company.

And, prefabricated metal building kits, even when customized to meet your exact needs, will still cost less than other more conventional construction methods, especially in the long run.

And, when you build with STEVENS, their metal building kits are constructed with Nucor Building System’s steel, which means the metal buildings are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


Why Prefab Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Auto Manufacturing Facilities

STEVENS' prefab steel buildings provide advantages to businesses in the automotive industry.

These industry-specific advantages include:

  • Open Floor Plans: The superior strength of steel allows for unobstructed, clear span floor plans so you can accommodate conveyor belts, assembly lines, or staging areas.
  • Custom, Strong Doors: Along with clear span floor plans, the automotive industry needs to be able to design and install as many doors as they need. When you build an auto manufacturing building with steel, you can choose from a variety of door sizes and styles along with various lifting mechanisms. You can also get insulated, and high-wind-resistant overhead doors are also available.
  • Fire Resistant: No matter what industry you're in, you want your building to be able to stand up to emergencies like fires. Because of the non-combustible nature of a pre-engineered steel building, automotive manufacturing facilities will be safe from fires, and insurance companies will give you discounts on your premiums.
  • Energy-Efficient: The deep wall cavities available with prefab metal buildings create the perfect space for extra thick insulation. This allows metal building owners to save as much as 50% on their energy bills.
  • Pest-Resistant: Traditional structures, like wooden buildings, are a magnet for pests and insects. The added cost to keep the structure pest-free, on top of traditional maintenance costs, will begin to add up. 
  • Versatility: Some people in the auto manufacturing industry prefer the traditional "metal building look." But if you don't, there are many design options available to choose from. Many automotive manufacturers choose brick, stone, stucco, glass, and various other popular building treatments to create the desired exterior style.



STEVENS Is The Right Choice for Your Automobile Manufacturing Metal Building

If you're building an automobile manufacturing or assembly plant and need a steel building from a professional and quality company, STEVENS can help!  

When you choose us as your steel erection company, we can engineer, design, supply, and build your new metal structure using Nucor Building Systems.

We can tailor your auto-manufacturing metal facility to your exact needs, including adding a bridge crane for material handling.

Click the button below to contact the pre-engineered metal building team at STEVENS to help design, supply, and erect your auto-manufacturing metal building.


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