What Questions Should You Ask Your Metal Building Supplier?

If you've decided to start a new construction project, hopefully, you're building with steel, the most durable and versatile building material available.

There are many advantages of using prefabricated metal buildings, from easier renovations, and they're a great option for commercial and industrial businesses.

Whether you need a data center, aircraft hangar, recreation facility, or warehouse, just about any building can be constructed with a steel building kit.

If you are fully committed to your steel construction project, you should start looking for the right metal building supplier.

Finding the right supplier for your metal building project is an important decision that shouldn't be made lightly.

In this article, we're going to discuss the things you should consider and ask about when you start to look for your metal building company.

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How Long Have You Been in Business?

Working with a new company shouldn't be a deal-breaker, but the longer they've been in business, the more experience they have, and the more likely they are to deliver your metal building project on time and to your specifications.

Consider asking the supplier if they've ever constructed a pre-engineered metal building like you need and ask for references.

If they have a physical address, give them a visit.

It's important to get a quality metal building you're happy with, so make sure the metal building supplier you ultimately work with has enough experience to complete your project.



Who Makes The Pieces For My Building?

Every piece of your pre-engineered steel building should be manufactured in the same facility.

The company you use to design your building will have its own style and its own technical verbiage and manufacturing specifications.

Some of the companies you talk to might use multiple manufacturing facilities, but that can complicate things.

Issues can arise during the construction phase of your building project if building components don't match.

Delivery trucks carrying necessary components could also arrive days apart, stalling the job's progress.

When this happens, you might not know which factory you need to call for support, and any delays in construction can be expensive.


Are Their Limitations With the Metal Building System?

You also need to be sure the metal building system they use will fit the dimensions of your structure.

You want to be sure the manufacturer can adapt to your needs and not try to coerce you into compromising your design to their preferences.

But an experienced metal building contractor may suggest modifications to improve your design or lower your construction costs, so you should still keep an open mind.

Ask what their limitations are.

Do you need to know if the dimensions of your proposed structure fit within the parameters possible for this building system? 

This is really important if you need to build a large structure or a structure with a clear span.

A reliable metal building manufacturer should design and engineer your structure specific to your preferences.

They should know your local building codes and be able to pull necessary building permits.


Will I Have The Support Of Your Staff?

top-metal-building-manufacturers-can-support-youDesigning, purchasing, and erecting affordable metal buildings can be complex, especially if you are left to do it alone.

Building owners need to work with suppliers with a dedicated staff that can support them every step of the way during the steel building process.

Make sure you will be provided with the materials you'll need for a successful building project.

Those materials could include drawings, delivery schedule, and bill of materials for your metal building structure.

Ask if they have someone to coordinate shipping and schedule material delivery.

Do they have field service representatives who are available to answer questions?

Will everyone on the team follow the local building code?

These are all important questions to ask.


What's Included In The Price?

Your steel building company should make sure you understand what you're paying for when you purchase your steel building.

Find a metal building supplier willing to provide a fully itemized quote that will break down the cost of each item and option.

The quote should include line items for accessories like insulation you might wish to purchase locally.

See if they provide a manufacturer and model number for the accessories, so you understand exactly what you are purchasing.

Sometimes if the items are described in general terms, you may receive cheaper materials.

Every steel building company will give you a price, but you need to be sure it's actually a good number.

You should expect your manufacturer to provide you enough time to go to market, secure a project, get the contract signed, and receive a commitment from them that locks in the price so you're not hit with price increases down the road. 


Who Builds My Metal Building?

A quality steel building is delivered pre-cut and pre-drilled, so you don't have to perform any on-site modifications.

Your steel building will also come with a set of erection instructions and drawings designed to be easily read.

But if you have a major construction project, you can choose your own contractor or manufacturer to complete your project and adhere to your local building code.



Will You Answer My Questions?

While you're in the middle of your metal building project, you should be able to ask your manufacturer as many questions as you'd like.

The most important part of any steel building project is getting the building erected, so you will likely have questions during this time.

Ask your manufacturer if it will be possible to speak to the person who designed your building.
You should be able to ask any and all questions that may arise and have the confidence that they will be answered.
Erecting a metal building is a big task that should be done right the first time.

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