5 Long-Lasting Benefits Of Metal Building Kits

Prefabricated steel building kits are a flexible, cost-effective building solution ideal for commercial and industrial use.

Prefab steel buildings are highly durable, practically maintenance-free, and you can customize them to capture any desired look or functional use for your business.

A prefabricated metal building kit will also greatly reduce construction times and make expansion easy down the road.

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In the article below, we will discuss a few long-term benefits of a pre-engineered metal building.

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Prefab Metal Buildings Offer Simple & Quick Assembly

Unlike a traditional building that can take several months or longer to construct, assembling a steel structure is relatively quick.

A smaller steel building kit will have anchor bolt patterns, a step-by-step erection guide, and detailed assembly drawings.

An experienced team of steel erectors can construct larger industrial metal building systems.

Individual pieces are built and precut in a factory and delivered to the job site once completed.

The pieces come numbered to correspond with assembly drawings for fast assembly.

This will all cut down on your construction times and labor costs.


Metal building Kits offer Flexibility & Versatility

The floor plan of a prefabricated metal building will be much more flexible than a traditional wooden building.

Metal building systems aren't restricted by interior columns or support walls and have clear span capabilities.

Add that to the possibility of significant overhead, moving, or sliding doors, and you can have a large uninterrupted interior space.

There's no maximum size of a pre-engineered steel building so that it can accommodate warehouses, manufacturing plants, recreation centers, retail spaces, and industrial spaces.

There are also countless width and length extension possibilities if you need to expand in the future.


Steel Buildings Are Easier to Maintain

Out of all the available building materials and building types, custom metal buildings require less maintenance than any other.

You don't have to worry about shingles that need to be replaced, exterior materials that will deteriorate, or hard-to-clean surfaces.

The biggest maintenance task you have to do is perform some simple preventative maintenance to keep your metal building in the best shape.

You should keep an eye on the overall condition of your metal and make repairs as needed.

In the unlikely event that you notice any missing rivets or fasteners, you can contact the company that erected your building to perform the simple repair.

When you inspect your building, you'll need to be sure to keep an eye out for damage caused by water or any cracks or bends in the metal or paint.

Precipitation and exposure to water is the biggest danger to a metal building.

If you do have rust, you will likely notice it at the edges of panels or in places where water can pool, such as the base of the panels or any seams.

Keep an eye on these areas when performing your inspection.



The durability of prefab buildings is much greater than the durability of a wooden structure, making them ideal for industrial buildings.

Steel buildings are built to withstand a lot.

They are tested against hurricane-force winds up to 200 mph, and they stand their ground.

They have been tested and passed the Florida and Texas hurricane wind force standards.

They have also passed California's seismic earthquake challenge as well.

Metal buildings have a little bend, which forces the strength of the wind down into the base where the building is strongest.

They are also designed not to crack, resist corrosion, and aren't vulnerable to pest infestations.

And if something were to go wrong with your building, it's probably covered by your warranty.

Building owners are always happy to find out that metal buildings come standard with warranties like 50-year structural, 40-year paint, and 25-year roof warranties.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are also non-combustible, so you don't have to worry about fire destroying them.


Metal Buildings are Energy Efficient

Steel buildings are also more energy-efficient than traditional buildings because they have much better insulation.

This superior energy efficiency will show up each month on your utility bills.

Spray insulation can insulate your steel building and keep your cooling and heating needs to a minimum by sealing up leaks or spaces.


Work With STEVENS, The Best Metal Building Erector

These are just a few of the long-term benefits you should consider when deciding which building to use for your business.

Steel building kits are superior to traditional construction in many ways.

If you're looking for the best company to work with on your next building project, STEVENS is proud to offer high-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings.

STEVENS will help you customize your facility and then erect your steel building.

With STEVENS, you have a full-service construction and building systems team (design, engineering, project management, installation, erection, and completion).

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