Food and Beverage Industry

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is familiar with the demanding specifications and quality requirements of the food and beverage industry with over 75 years in the construction business.

For the past three-quarters of a century, STEVENS has been engineering and constructing a full range of industrial projects for clients in all markets across the United States.

STEVENS is currently one of the largest privately-held construction organizations in North America. 

Through using the most current technology and software, we complete the layout and reporting of our team's real-time progress so that we stay on schedule. 

Our engineering and construction services offered include:

  • Site work and excavation

  • Sheet and H-pipe

  • Civil concrete

  • Steel erection

  • Heavy rigging

  • Equipment setting and precision alignment

  • Pre-engineered buildings (with the help of our wholly owned subsidiary, CDMG)

  • Pipe fabrication

  • Pipe installation

We understand that food and beverage manufacturing plants must meet a multitude of regulations. From site inspection to design planning to erection and construction, STEVENS places every steel pipe and stair with your business's needs in mind.

Our engineering, design, and steel partners help our food and beverage industry clients out even more with these services:

  • Procurement
  • Start-up Services
  • Construction
  • Construction management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction engineering and automation
  • Project management

Paired with our working partners, STEVENS is the preferred engineering and construction company when you want a high-quality building. We have been delivering clients regulation-compliant industrial designs since 1944.


Over the years, we've built for some big companies in the food and beverage industry: Anheuser Busch, Lamagna Cheese, and Otis Spunkmeyer to name a few.

We provided capital projects and plant maintenance services to Anheuser Busch at their Columbus, Ohio facility, and we've provided similar services to Worthington Foods and Lamagna Cheese.

CDMG, working with STEVENS, has provided automation of a processing line for the baked goods company, Otis Spunkmeyer, and construction scheduling services for Anheuser Busch (Columbus).

One of the large capital projects STEVENS performed for Anheuser Busch was the installation of a water treatment facility designed and supplied by Biothane.

Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution center
STEVENS construction project on the Anheuser Busch facility in Columbus Ohio
Food manufacturing facility construction company | STEVENS

During the construction process, we maintain a safe environment through the cooperative efforts of each branch in our organization.

At STEVENS, we have a zero-accident safety policy.

We ensure the compliance of our zero-accident safety policy through ten impact techniques:

  1. Management commitment

  2. Staffing for safety

  3. Safety projects and pre-task planning

  4. Safety orientation

  5. Craft involvement

  6. Safety evaluation & recognition/reward

  7. Alcohol and substance abuse program

  8. Accidents/incidents/Near me investigation

  9. Subcontractor management

  10. All work produced is made in compliance with Avetta, Brows, ISNetworld, and PEC

These ten impact techniques help to establish, build, and maintain a safe work culture that continuously achieves our zero-accident record.

How do i hire a manufacturing and distribution center builder?

At STEVENS, we are committed to helping food and beverage industry businesses outfit their companies with industrial facilities for streamlined production.

We ensure clients that they will have a high-quality building at the project's completion because of our partnerships with CDMG and Chemsteel, who both offer services that create your custom-designed food industry manufacturing facility.

Choose to work with a company that people have trusted for over 75 years − choose STEVENS.

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