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The energy utilities market is incredibly demanding and fast-moving. Energy companies and utility providers across the nation trust STEVENS Engineers & Constructors for sensible and effective solutions to meet present-day challenges.

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STEVENS builds power systems and facilities for the energy generation industry. With decades of combined experience serving clients of all types and sizes, our union crews have the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of energy-sector projects. Some of our energy clients include:

  1. NRG
  2. FirstEnergy
  3. AC Power
  4. Reliant Energy
  5. Allegheny Power

At STEVENS, we provide comprehensive construction solutions that are supported by a proven track record of reliable performance and safety. Our family of companies is dedicated to providing each client with top-notch construction and engineering services that are completed with precision, within the specified time frame, and within budget.

We are equipped to work with companies in all sectors of power and energy.Industrial Construction Services for Power and Energy

Many of our clients are innovators in the following fields:

  1. Fossil-fuel-based power generation
  2. Nuclear
  3. Wind
  4. Solar
  5. Hydroelectric and others



STEVENS Engineers & Constructors erected five buildings for Allegheny Energy's combined cycle facility in Springdale, Pennsylvania. STEVENS erected the following structures for this project:

  1. Control Building
  2. Generation Building
  3. Combustion Turbine Building
  4. Water Treatment Building
  5. Pump Building
  6. Extensive Excavation
  7. Foundation Installation

STEVENS was a subcontractor to Black & Veatch for this project and contracted our wholly owned subsidiary CDMG to design an adjustable spreader beam to lift and set a bridge tress for this project that was assembled onsite.



PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | PPL Montour power plant

With safety and efficiency in mind, STEVENS, subcontracted by Stone and Webster, utilized Carlson Earthwork Software and Robotic Total Stations in conjunction with third-party soils testing and on-site engineering to complete a storage and processing site for limestone.

The following heavy machinery was utilized to complete the project:

  1. Excavate 200,000 cy of earth
  2. 70,000 cy of rock
  3. Excavated a stormwater retainage pond
  4. Placed storm drain piping
  5. Laid roads and rail beds

STEVENS also backfilled a 5-acre area with 2A limestone to construct a storage area for raw limestone used in the FGD system. Our industrial construction company promises experience, commitment, and quality, and offers a variety of construction services to deliver on those promises.

STEVENS secured and observed all local, state and federal environmental protection permits for minimal impact to the environment. We adhered to sediment control and erosion best management practices before and throughout construction.


STEVENS operated the following heavy equipment to complete this project:

  1. CAT Excavators
  2. Over-the-Road Dump Trucks
  3. Backhoes
  4. D8 Dozers
  5. Rollers
  6. Graders
  7. Lull Forklifts

STEVENS on-site field expertise combined with Stone and Webster's engineers allowed for continual excavation and backfill while holding to the highest standards for safety and quality of work. After the site was re-contoured, the areas not used for site not used in the storage and or process of limestone was seeded. STEVENS provided daily quantities and weekly drawings for client’s verification of progress.



quality, efficient construction for the power & Energy industry

STEVENS takes pride in being able to utilize various talents within our family of companies. Construction services for the energy and power industries

We offer comprehensive services to the energy market including:

  1. Installation Engineering
  2. Project and Construction Management
  3. Scheduling
  4. Construction
  5. Demolition
  6. Site Work & Excavation
  7. Sheet & H-Pile
  8. Civil Concrete
  9. Steel Erection
  10. Heavy Rigging
  11. Equipment Setting & Precision Alignment

STEVENS relies on our construction knowledge and expertise to deliver quality project outcomes to companies in the Power and Energy sectors. If you are interested in expanding your power or energy operation, call STEVENS today at (440) 234-7888 or click the link below to get your quote started.

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