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Many of our industrial clients, by the very nature of their field, have their own waste water treatment facilities. Using our core competencies, STEVENS self-performs most of the fieldwork involved in the erection of these facilities.

From site work and excavation to foundations and clarifiers, and also setting tanks and grating, STEVENS completes the land improvement and foundation processes required for quality wastewater treatment.

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Industrial companies from a myriad of sectors require wastewater treatment facilities to deal with contaminated water after processing. Industrial Construction Applications for wastewater treatment

STEVENS is fully equipped to perform industrial construction services for the following:

  1. Organic Chemicals Manufacturing
  2. Electric Power Plants
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Food Industry
  5. Iron and Steel Industry
  6. Mines and Quarries
  7. Nuclear Industry
  8. Petroleum refining and petrochemicals and others

Many companies claim they offer complete solutions for the construction services you need, but STEVENS continually delivers on the promise of single-source reliability. For comprehensive design/build construction services, we can help.

STEVENS has over 75 years of construction experience to leverage for your project. Our engineers and constructors utilize the latest construction technology and software to deliver an impressive project outcome. 

We are fully equipped to de-water sites, relocate utilities, complete mass excavating and backfill, and more.

Our team is committed to safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. We take every available precaution on our projects to promote on-site safety. We adhere to daily and weekly safety meetings, equipment inspections, and daily site inspections prior to the beginning of work. We also maintain a meticulous site layout and report accurate, factual progress to keep projects on schedule.



PPL Brunner Island required an entire “brown field” wastewater treatment facility to support their coal-fired generation plant in York Haven, Pennsylvania. STEVENS scope of work included a Waste Water Treatment Plant, Building and Site Work, and Civil.

We completed construction for the following buildings:

  • Influent 70’ x 40’ x 60’ high
  • Filter Building 125’ x 75’ x 55’ high
  • Filter Extension (Pump Room) 95’ x 25’ x 15’ high

We also completed Underground Piping and Electrical.

Coatings involved:

  1. Sumps and Building
  2. Trenches Building
  3. Tanks Area
  4. Unloading Truck Area
  5. Mix Tank
  6. Sludge Tanks

Our Steel Work included:

  • Clarifier Walkways
  • Mix Tank Platforms
  • Building Sump Platforms

Work required for Sludge Tank Platforms:

  1. Site Work
  2. Roads
  3. Fencing
  4. Site Re-grading
  5. Storm Water


STEVENS is headquartered just west of Cleveland in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Our offices are located in Northwest and Northeast Indiana, Detroit, and South of Pittsburgh in Southpointe, Pennsylvania.

Our locations help provide personalized service to clients in the surrounding areas including Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. On occasion, we travel outside of these regions to complete work for specific clients upon request.


STEVENS understands the complexities that have evolved from tightening wastewater treatment codes for federal, state, and local municipalities. Complying with handling and disposal regulations is crucial to the continued success of your business, and it all starts with the construction of quality, effective water treatment facilities.

For an experienced industrial construction firm to complete your water treatment project, contact STEVENS today. Our engineers and constructors are well-equipped to handle wastewater projects of all sizes.  Call (440) 234-7888 or click below to get started on your project with STEVENS today.

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