industrial construction services for OIL & GAS 

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors designs and constructs oil and gas projects that are tailored to the specialized equipment, systems, and facilities your company utilizes.

With the Marcellus shale and Utica shale explosion right in our own backyard, working with the oil and gas industry is not only our job, it's close to home. 

We are experienced with the unique challenges involved in designing and building oil and gas facilities and experience, commitment, and quality drive us on every project.

EXPERIENCED Oil & Gas Contractors for Industrial Construction

STEVENS offers design, fabrication, and construction for the major domestic shale formations.

Our team offers turnkey services including:Oil and Gas Construction Project | Stevens Engineers and Constructors

  1. Contracting
  2. Construction management
  3. Scheduling
  4. Procurement
  5. Project management
  6. Feasibility Studies
  7. Construction engineering and automation
  8. Start-up Services
  9. Excavation
  10. Dewatering
  11. Pre-engineered structural buildings

We also fabricate and install compressor and metering stations, dehydration units, pig launchers and receivers, slug catchers, stabilizers, and flare stacks.

From site prep and foundations to setting compressors, flare stacks and pre-engineered steel buildings, STEVENS is committed to honesty, integrity and quality for all project outcomes.Construction services for Oil and Gas | Natural Gas Construction

We have worked on greenfield sites and online stations and incorporate safe-practices in every aspect of our work.

Our meticulous site practices for anchor bolt layout and placement have resulted in successful compressor setting with zero corrections.

Despite the challenge of accessing some sites, we have never failed to make a delivery.

Our recent projects include site prep for Kinder Morgan at their Scio Meter Station, and Williams at the Fort Beeler location.


STEVENS completed a large-scale project for Marathon/Mark West in Sherwood & Smithburg, West Virginia. We began by stoning the site and installing foundation that required:

  • 41-tons of rebar
  • 1,420 cy of concrete
  • 1,800 tons of limestone installed over geotextile fabric

STEVENS also performed all on-site excavation and spoil removal including placing rebar, installing concrete forms, setting templates and anchor bolts, and placing and finishing all concrete.

STEVENS completed the site layout for forms and anchor bolts. After stripping the foundation forms, we backfilled to below grade, installed geotextile fabric, rubbed the concrete, and installed a 6” stone base.

Our sister company, CDMG completed the piping and designing and evaluated the equipment layout for optimal efficiency. 

STEVENS utilized our extensive heavy rigging experience to set the following: Industrial Construction Companies Near Me | General Contractors

  1. Compressor building
  2. Control building
  3. Gas compressor
  4. Electric compressor
  5. Electrical room
  6. Barrel tank
  7. Glycol Regeneration Skid
  8. Cooler units
  9. Methanol tank
  10. Lube oil tank
  11. Flare Stack
  12. Knock out separator
  13. Pig receiver
  14. Slug catcher
  15. Tank farm
  16. Pipe rack
  17. Individual supports throughout the plant


Williams contracted STEVENS for the phase 3 expansion of their Fort Beeler facility near Moundsville, West Virginia.Construction Services for Oil and Gas Plant Expansion

For this project, our scope of work involved: 

  1. Hydro-excavating
  2. Installing 1,000 cy of concrete
  3. Installing 100 tons of steel
  4. Steel fabrication
  5. Fabrication and erection of 200-foot flare stack
  6. Setting all equipment


STEVENS utilized Robotic Total Stations and Carlson Earthwork Software in conjunction with on-site engineering and subcontracted soils testing to excavate, backfill, import and export 260,000 cy of material for Panda Hummel Station in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

In addition, STEVENS completed the following for this project:

  1. Placing storm drain piping
  2. Erecting storm drain structures
  3. Laying road beds
  4. Utilizing existing recycled concrete and asphalt to stabilize parking and laydown areas

STEVENS secured all local, state and federal permits for environmental protections to ensure minimal environmental impacts.

STEVENS also held to sediment control and erosion best management practices and took every safety precaution possible including daily and weekly safety meetings, equipment inspections, and daily excavation inspections prior to the beginning of work.

STEVEN's on-site crew worked in conjunction with engineers from Bechtel to provide safe, quality, and continual excavation and backfill despite encountering bad soils and ground water.

STEVENS provided daily quantities and weekly drawings for progress verification.


STEVENS fabricates in-house piping systems from our temperature-controlled, 32,000 square foot fabrication shop. From large to small projects, our pipe fabricating technology and tooling can meet your project demands.

Our shop includes the latest cutting and welding equipment and numerous mandrel benders to efficiently turn out 10,000LF of fabricated pipe a month when needed.

All of our pipes are crafted with adherence to codes, national standards, and quality control.

We also provide:

1. Hydrostatic testing and documentation

2. In-house chemical cleaning and flushing

3. Protective coating capabilities



Oil and Natural Gas companies rely on bulky, heavy, hard-to-move equipment. Our rigging engineers and lift planners will ensure your cumbersome systems are situated safely and for optimal workflow.

From setting equipment to installing foundations and numerous other project demands, the STEVENS family of companies can be your single-source firm for oil and gas industrial projects. 

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With over 75 years of experience in industrial development, STEVENS offers experience, commitment and quality to meet the complex demands of your oil and gas project.

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