Safety building precautions at stevens

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is committed to endorsing and protecting the safety and health of our employees by providing a safe work environment through the cooperative efforts of every branch of our organization. 

STEVENS recognizes that accountability for compliance begins and ends with each employee. Construction safety | STEVENS

The two overall objectives we have on every project are getting the job done efficiently and taking care of is a program that maximizes safety and strives to eliminate injuries and illness.

We have policies in place to ensure our safety in every environment we work in 

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Environmental Health and Safety program provides the framework for the integration of safety into every job task we perform.

Our commitment to a Zero Accident Safety Policy allows us to offer our employees the tools they need to be successful.

Our employees will perform all work in compliance with our Zero Accident Safety Policy and with the use of the following ten impact techniques currently being instituted to ensure compliance:

  1. Management Commitment
  2. Staffing for Safety
  3. Safety Project/Pre-Task Planning
  4. Safety Orientation
  5. Craft Involvement
  6. Safety Evaluation and Recognition/Reward
  7. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program
  8. Accidents/Incidents/Near Miss Investigation
  9. Subcontractor Management
  10. All work will be performed in compliance with ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC, and Browz

These ten techniques are how to establish, maintain, and build the safety culture needed to achieve a zero-accident record.

having Safe construction sites means better bottom lines in projects

For every job site, we follow extensive safety practices and protocols that help us safely deliver our best work on-time and on-budget.

These safety precautions do no affect our work pace, meaning there is no slowdown in construction timeframes, so our projects keep on moving along as promised.

With our safety guidelines, there are no injuries, worries, headaches, or delays.

At STEVENS, we take pride in our dedication to building smart.