The Top 5 Reasons Why Structural Steel Is The Best Choice For Your Business.

It seems like there is an infinite amount of decisions you have to make when you start a new metal building project.

You have to consider things like budget, time constraints, building specifications, and structural capabilities.

Perhaps the most important decision you have to make is what type of building material you are going to use.

A structural steel building isn't just for large agriculture buildings, garages, or skyscrapers anymore and is quickly becoming one of the most popular building materials.

But why is steel preferred?

There are several reasons why tons of steel are used every day in metal building projects.

For one, steel is a sustainable building material that can simplify and accelerate the metal building process.

Steel is also one of the most environmentally friendly materials since it can be recycled and reused several times over.

Metal buildings are also much safer than traditional building materials. 

In the article below, we will discuss five reasons why structural steel is a preferred building material for your business.

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What Is The Advantage of Steel?

Steel is Lightweight

This benefit is often surprising and unbelievable at first.

If you pick up a 2x4 of wood and a 2x4 of steel, the steel will be noticeably heavier because of its density.

However, when it comes to steel frame buildings, a steel I-beam will almost always be lighter than the lightest, structurally sound wood beam.

A steel I-beam weighs less than Parallam beams, LVL, or glulams.

That decreases the labor required to build with steel, and the lighter weight also reduces the cost of shipping your materials.

It can also simplify the design of your new metal building's foundation and other structural support systems, saving you even more money.

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Our Structural Steel Building Company Can Custom Design Your Metal Building To Meet Your Needs

Customization Potential

Designers love steel because of its ability to take on many shapes.

Structural steel is an efficient choice for a wide range of designs, from the simplest to the most complex.

Steel can be bent or molded in endless ways, making it the perfect material for even the most custom pre-engineered metal building designs.

Steel has been used in a wide variety of ways for over 200 years.

From old mills to skyscrapers and everything in between, structural steel can be used to build anything you can think of.

Customization is a key economic theme of the future.

But in order for customization to make sense, there needs to be room for flexibility.

If you want to change plans in the middle of a project, your building material should have the ability to adapt to meet your new vision.

Steel allows you to be more flexible in the planning stages and to make changes that won't break the bank.

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Trust The Pre-engineered Metal Building Experts at STEVENS


Speaking of not breaking the bank, pre-engineered metal buildings save you money in various ways.

When you compare them to traditional building methods, the price of steel buildings remains comparatively low.

Steel parts are often pre-engineered, decreasing construction time, saving you money on labor costs.

And because steel beams are durable and come with a high life expectancy, insurance costs associated with commercial steel buildings remain relatively low, especially compared to other materials.

And when tax season rolls around, there are some tax incentives available for companies who build with eco-friendly materials like steel.

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Are structural steel buildings Environmentally Safe?

Structural steel can help build a cleaner environment.

Steel is recyclable and has a low carbon effect, making it a popular choice among businesses trying to go green.

Steel can be recycled and used over and over again without a loss of quality.

Producing steel is also environmentally safe, with a high recycling rate and an emphasis on reducing waste.

When steel structures are built, more forests are preserved.

Even if your steel building needs to be rebuilt, high-quality structural steel can be recycled and reused repeatedly.

One of the other benefits of steel is that it can block out environmental pollutants, leading to a healthier workplace.

Modern steel plants are being designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to be energy-efficient.

The water used to manufacture steel is also recyclable.

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Top Metal Building Company Can Supply You With The Building You Need

can You Build Faster With Steel?

These days everyone wants their buildings to come in under budget and ahead of schedule.

Using steel makes that a possibility.

Typically, fast-tracked projects are nightmares for the architects and construction crews involved.

Taking shortcuts usually leads to unsafe building practices and a finished project that doesn't quite measure up.

But this all changes when you use steel.

As we mentioned earlier, many structural steel buildings are pre-engineered to a specific design at the production plant and shipped out ready to be erected.

This speeds up the construction time considerably, making it possible to finish large-scale commercial projects in a matter of weeks.

Because the fabrication process is quality controlled, project managers will be able to focus their attention elsewhere and pre-cut, ready to assemble parts eliminate the need for measuring and cutting on-site.

A faster construction timeline will also reduce the amount of time your steel construction project blocks traffic, affects the ingress and egress of surrounding businesses, and any water or utility disruptions to nearby buildings.

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Build Your prefabricated Metal Building With STEVENS

These are just a few of the characteristics of steel that make it an ideal choice for your next metal building project.

But the advantages of structural steel are dependent on two factors: the quality of the materials used and the experience level of the builder.

When you use a quality metal builder who uses quality materials, you will benefit from an attractive and well-designed prefab metal building that is both durable and sustainable.

The prefabricated steel building systems team at STEVENS can provide advanced Metal Building Kits to streamline your next steel building project.

The STEVENS building systems team uses customizable, high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings with industry-leading capabilities and are constructed with American-made, recyclable Nucor steel.

STEVENS is ready to provide you with the highest-quality metal warehouse, prefab metal sports complex, or a number of buildings constructed with long-lasting steel that suit your needs.

Contact STEVENS today for an estimate and allow us to make your next building project a success.

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