Do you know what steel erection companies do?

Even if you don't, there's a good chance you've seen the results of their work.

Steel erectors play a huge role in the construction industry, helping to build steel structures and metal buildings.

In the article below, we'll go over what steel erection companies do and why you need one for your new steel structure.

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What Do Steel Erection Companies Do?

Steel erection companies help with the jobs you can't do on your own.

From construction to alteration, erection companies make your construction projects more manageable.

Steel erectors work on projects of all sizes.

You can see their handy work on office developments, warehouses, commercial structures, multi-story residential apartments, car parks, sports stadiums, and bridges.

They are essential in building new steel structures like prefabricated metal industrial buildings.

Steel erectors install and repair new and existing steel components in commercial buildings.

They work with steel beams, girders, joists, decking, and heavy machinery.

Things a steel erection company can handle include:

  • Operating cranes and heavy machinery to move steel
  • Aligning steel components correctly
  • Welding steel frames together
  • Installation of miscellaneous small projects like staircases, hand railings, metal decking, and canopies

Steel erection companies can erect all types of structural steel.

Ironworkers are fully trained and certified in all aspects of steel erection, including welding, signaling, and rigging.

The erection phase of any project is always a critical path and requires a careful and complete pre-planning process.

A qualified steel erection company will manage all the critical components, including site logistics, cranes, and durations.

They will also emphasize safety.

The sometimes dangerous activities in steel erection can be done efficiently and safely.

Should you work with a steel erection company?

Do I Need A Steel Erection Company For My Metal Building?

So, how do you know if you need a steel erection company for your business?

If you are constructing a large metal building, anything from an airport hangar to a recreational facility, you need an erection company to help with your steel structure.

They will do all the heavy lifting to make your job easier.

Your erection company will erect the structural steel framework the right way the first time.

Working with an experienced company with a complete understanding of the scope of work will get your job on time and within budget.

They will allocate the right crew and appropriate equipment to make it happen.

With careful planning, foresight, and drawing on years of experience in a diversity of project types, your steel erection company will all but guarantee the successful completion of your project.


Work With The Best Steel Erectors with STEVENS

Steel erection companies have jobs that are both challenging and rewarding.

The steel erection specialists at STEVENS offer high-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings and can work on almost every steel structure. 

The steel erectors at STEVENS will help you customize your facility to suit your exact needs, supply, and erect your pre-engineered steel building.

We take pride in the relationships we build with their clients.

The Steel Erection team at STEVENS will ensure that we meet their specific needs and requirements for every steel building project. 

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