What Questions Should You Ask Your Industrial Contractor?

An industrial construction project can be a daunting task.

When you are planning to bring an industrial space to life, you probably have many questions about the overall process.

That's why choosing the right industrial contractor is a critical part of any new industrial construction project.  

Working with an experienced contractor you can trust from start to finish is key to completing your industrial project on time and within budget.

To help you decide which potential contractors you should work with, we've put together a list of questions you should ask them before starting your next project.

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Will You Stay On Budget?

Industrial projects have two costs; hard costs and soft costs.

Hard costs are things like labor and materials.

Soft costs are more challenging to estimate and include insurance, architectural and interior design elements, and taxes.

The right industrial contractors will go over these expenses with you in detail before the project begins and throughout the entire process of your industrial construction project.

The best industrial contractor will also ensure that any unforeseen expenses will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

You should be kept in the loop regarding any abrupt changes that may affect your budget or payment schedule.

Hire a contractor with a streamlined process for working with client expenses and communicate with you about the financial side of things before and during construction.


What Are Your Self-Perform Capabilities?

You should ask your industrial contractor about self-perform experience and capabilities.

Many contractors choose to outsource significant areas of the construction process.

This can compromise the budget, timeline, or safety of your facility.

Self-perform contracting contractors perform critical construction activities with in-house expertise.

Self-performing offers you the following benefits:

  • Reduced timeline: There's no need to wait for subcontractors to handle essential services.
  • Fewer costs: Streamlined staffing enables a cost-efficient process.
  • Improved safety: Working with our contractors means working with a team committed to zero injuries.
  • Increased communication: You will stay informed with a single point of contact in our company. Communicate any questions or concerns with a project manager to avoid miscommunication.


How Experienced Are You?

The right contractor for your project should always be experienced.

You don't want to trust your entire industrial project to an unlicensed contractor who has never managed an industrial build before.

If you have been communicating with a specific industrial contractor, always be sure to ask about their experience.

You shouldn't work with a contractor that can't construct the kind of large-scale space you need and that doesn't have a team of experts on their staff.

Experience is one of the essential qualities of industrial contractors.


What Are Your Delivery Methods?

Before starting a project with an industrial construction company, ask about their preferred delivery methods.

Not all industrial construction companies can facilitate a self-perform project or handle general contracting as part of the process.

Common delivery methods used by leading industrial contractors are:

  • General contracting
  • Design-build
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Self-perform trades

Choosing a full-service contracting company for all of these services will give you better peace of mind.

Even if your project doesn't require specific services, you can benefit from establishing a relationship with a versatile construction service provider.

A construction team that offers these delivery methods will organize the resources, experience, safety procedures, and other features necessary for an efficient project.

Your time is a valuable resource.

An industrial contracting company that handles everything from project management, design and engineering services to procurement and installation will free up a significant amount of your time during the construction process.


Will You Perform A Site Inspection?

When considering industrial construction of any kind, you may be overwhelmed with questions regarding the building's specifics.

You may be wondering about things like whether or not the electricity and plumbing are up-to-date.

Maybe there are safety concerns that need to be addressed, but you are unsure where to start.

Your industrial contractor should be thorough when it comes to all of the details of your building.

A good contractor will perform a rigorous site inspection and leave no design or structural element up to chance.

Contractors in the industrial construction industry should work with you to ensure that your budget will account for electrical reconstruction and plumbing and allow you to comply with building safety regulations.


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