GOVERNMENT and municipal buildings 

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is proud to have been serving government-sector clients throughout the eastern side of the United States with complete engineering, construction, and management services since 1944.

Our decades of experience in this market makes us a top choice for government building construction bids. We have built our client base through mutual respect and trust.

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is more than just an excavation contractor. We are an ideal single-source partner, handling our building projects from beginning through engineering and construction to the end. Our experienced engineers and construction workers work hard to continually report on their progress to keep on schedule and ensure that our high-quality results are delivered on time and within budget, as promised.

We understand the importance of expanding our construction experience outside of the private industries, and the umbrella term of "government" can mean a lot of things — from federal to local, to defense and aerospace, and many more.

With the utilization of building software and technology, the STEVENS team can report on the real-time construction progress of the project in order to stay on schedule.

STEVENS Engineering and Constructing Services

We offer a variety of engineering and constructing services that result in you getting the long-lasting government building that your project desires.

The engineering and construction services we offer are:

  • Civil concrete

  • Equipment setting and precision alignment

  • Heavy rigging

  • Pre-engineered buildings (with the help of our wholly owned subsidiary, CDMG)

  • Pipe fabrication

  • Pipe installation

  • Sheet and H-pipe
  • Site work and excavation
  • Steel erection

Having been in the construction industry for over 75 years, STEVENS understands that buildings must meet a minimum requirement of building regulations, standards, and codes in order to be cleared for use.

Through every step of the engineering and construction processes, STEVENS erects your building with the standards in mind.


We have a zero-accident safety policy at STEVENS Engineers and Constructors.

Throughout the construction process, the workers at STEVENS maintain safe job sites through ten impact techniques.

The ten impact techniques are:

  1. Safety orientation

  2. All work produced is made in compliance with Avetta, Brows, ISNetworld, and PEC

  3. Accidents/incidents/Near me investigation

  4. Alcohol and substance abuse program

  5. Safety projects and pre-task planning

  6. Subcontractor management

  7. Safety evaluation & recognition/reward

  8. Craft involvement

  9. Staffing for safety

  10. Management commitment

As long as our employees continue to follow these ten impact techniques, the work environments and construction sites will always be safe, and we will continue to uphold our zero-accident policy.



STEVENS construction project of a Federal Building
STEVENS erecting a bridge in Lorain County in Ohio
Government steel structure project | STEVENS Engineers and Constructors

stevens partners with dck

DCK is a global construction company that develops, manages, and builds projects around the world with over 90 years of experience in the construction industry.

We work as a subcontractor for DCK. Past projects that STEVENS was involved with are; installing a support structure for an energy-saving glass barrier on the Federal Building in Cleveland, erecting a bridge structure for ODOT located in Lorain County, Ohio, and providing an upgrade to two six-million BTU steam boilers for the city of Hammond in one of their high schools.

STEVENS knows the importance of protocol and paperwork to keep the work progressing.


For the past 75 years, STEVENS has been committed to producing the highest quality of steel buildings for government organizations.

With every building completed, clients can rest assured that their building will be of the utmost quality because of the companies we partner with; CDMG and Chemsteel both provide top-quality services and products that help to result in your dream custom-designed government building.

It pays to choose an engineering and construction company that has proven to be successful since its inception. It pays to choose STEVENS.

If you are ready to start designing the building of your dreams, contact an experienced STEVENS project manager now by clicking the button below!