What Are The Best Ways To Customize A Metal Building?

No matter what type of metal building you're constructing, whether it's a commercial retail space, agricultural building, aircraft hangar, storage facility, or recreation center, you can make your steel building your own by adding your own personal touches.

Many people think the biggest advantage of metal buildings is durability.

And while durability is one of the top advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings, it's not your only advantage.

Another huge benefit of prefab metal buildings is the ability to customize them to meet your specific needs.

You can do many things to your metal building to keep it from looking like an old barn.

When you choose the right metal building company, they can help you design a metal building that will not only stand out but have the exact options you need for your business to be successful. 

In the article below, we will discuss the best ways to customize your metal building to make it your own.

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Make The Most Of Your Colors

One of the best ways to make your steel structure stand out is to add a little color.

Not every steel building has to be monochromatic, even though that can look good as well.

The color of your building will depend on its use, and you are not limited in the colors available for your building.

Maybe green or blue will bring the vision for your building to life.

If you don't want to be quite as bold, maybe black or white can add the personality you need to your building.

No matter what metal building color you desire, you have a variety of colors available to make your building your own. Regardless of which hue you choose, picking a custom color is an option when you use the a top metal builder like STEVENS.

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Dress Up the Exterior

PRE-ENGINEERED METAL BUILDINGS ARE SAFER THAN TRADITIONAL BUILDING MATERIALSThere are more ways you can dress up the exterior of your building in addition to adding some color.

Standard steel exterior panels are always an option and the most affordable option, but if you're a  customer that prefers a more traditional exterior, we've got you covered.

Just about any exterior finish, you can think of can be used to customize a metal building.

You have your choice of any of the following, either alone or combined with each other, to create a more upscale, custom exterior:

  • Faux rock and stone panels
  • Glass
  • Fiber cement board
  • Steel panels and cool-coated panels
  • Brick
  • Concrete block
  • Stucco or wood (we'll talk more about these later)

You can also incorporate wainscoting to improve the curb appeal of your industrial steel building.

Wainscoting adds a contrasting color or texture to the bottoms of your exterior walls.


Custom Door Styles

Adding custom doors can not only add to your curb appeal, but it can make it much easier to access your building.

Time and time again, we have customers completely overlook this part of their build, but doors may be the most important aspect.

You have several door styles and colors to choose from, and you may also opt to build a custom door that fits your metal building perfectly.

You can choose from:

  • Barn doors
  • Glass patio doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Embellished doors
  • Double front doors
  • Metal walk doors


Custom Windows and Shutters

Windows and shutters are another aspect of the building plan that gets overlooked, but they are another one of the most important customizations to add to your building.

The right windows will allow natural light to shine through, but they can also turn the heads of everyone that passes by your building.

From their size and shape to the color of the trim color, your windows can be customized to match your building perfectly.

The shutters you choose add that extra special touch to make your metal building look unique.

Get Creative with Stucco or Veneer

Get creative with stucco on your metal buildingYour metal building facade can be whatever you want it to be, especially if you use stucco or veneer.

Stucco has been one of the most popular ways to customize a metal building for a long time, and for good reason.

Stucco can add curb appeal or, if you want to go the opposite way, it can help you blend in with your surroundings.

You can use traditional stuccoes, like those you'd find on a residential building, or siding panels.

Either way, stucco is an excellent way to add your own touch to your building.

You can also add a veneer to your exterior.

You can use a brick veneer to add a classic look to your building.

Or you could add faux stone or rock if you're looking for a rustic look or something more modern, depending on your design.

Your metal building manufacturer should have a wide variety of veneer options available so you can be as creative as you'd like.

How To Install Wood Siding On A Metal Building

Many people love the durability and other advantages of an industrial metal building, but they still want the look of wooden buildings.

If that sounds like you, you're in luck because you can add wood siding to your metal building design.

Wood or shiplap siding can be added to your steel building using similar construction methods for applying traditional siding panels.

With wood siding, though, you want to be sure you have large roof overhangs to keep the water off of your wood.

You also want to keep your wood off of the ground and don't let it rest on the ground or concrete.

Be sure to use spacers between your boards because you don't want water to build upon any horizontal surface.

Wood or shiplap siding can be added to even the most basic metal building to make it look extraordinary.

Just keep in mind that wood is a little more high maintenance than steel.

To keep your wood siding looking its best, you should apply clear finishes every 2-5 years.

You should reapply semi-transparent stains every 3 years.

If you decide to paint your wood siding, you may able to go 5-7 years before you have to repaint it.

But regardless of the method you choose for your wood siding, regular maintenance will be necessary.

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