What equipment do you need to build a Pre-engineered metal building?

Construction projects have varying needs. Each project is different and will have its unique challenges.

That means each construction project will need different equipment. You are going to use different tools when you choose a pre-engineered metal building for your warehouse, as compared to a sports complex. 

Some of this is essential equipment that can be used on many construction projects, and some of the equipment will be specialized and specific for pre-engineered steel buildings.

The tools and equipment for constructing a metal building kit need to be of the highest quality to maximize project efficiency and quality.

If you use mediocre tools, projects can take longer to complete and have a lower quality outcome due to broken or malfunctioning equipment and poor tool performance.

Quality tools are also more cost-effective.

Steel building construction requires many customary hand tools and several larger pieces of equipment.

In the article below, we will discuss some of the pieces of equipment required to construct a pre-fab building.

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Man Lifts, Scissor Lifts, and Telescopic Boom Lifts

To coMetal buildings require specialized toolsnstruct a pre-fab steel building, telescopic booms, man lifts, and scissor lifts are necessary to hoist workers up to the higher levels safely.

The work done on these lifts can include placing siding, fastening support beams, or securing rafters.

The reach of your man lift will depend on the height of the metal structure you're constructing.

Your boom lift will be useful because of its ability to reach past their wheelbase and place workers in hard to reach spots.

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Forklift, Cranes, and Other Power Loaders

Metal building kit bundles are not lightweight.

Forklifts and nylon band slings will be needed to offload and transport each bundle to its place.

If you use a crane or crane lift, make sure you use a spreader bar that's the right size for your load.

Don't use wire rope slings because they will likely damage the metal and finish of your building.

When using a forklift, make sure you position the load all the way back on the forks, and never drive the forklift with the forks up.

Sometimes multiple forklifts are required if you are handling panels or other pieces that are over 25 feet long.

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Telehandlers, sometimes referred to as telehandlers, are a method for transporting materials around your pre-engineered building job site.

Crew members can also use them to hoist heavy pieces of the building up into place for assembly.

Telehandlers can be outfitted with attachments like forks, winches, or man buckets for the end of the telescoping boom, enabling them to accomplish various tasks.

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Safety equipment is vital in keeping pre-engineered steel building projects safe.Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is essential no matter what kind of construction project you are undertaking, and it goes beyond a first aid kit.

It's especially important for metal structure projects because of the inherent danger in building these sometimes massive structures.

Every construction crew member must be outfitted appropriately for the job site and understand how vital the right PPE is.

Some of the most critical safety equipment on a metal building job site are: 

  • Hard hats: There are three industrial classes of hard hats. Class A provides impact and penetration resistance and limited voltage resistance. Class B provides the highest level of electrical protection. Class C protects well enough against impact but has no voltage protection.
  • Ear protection: Not always necessary, but if you are going to be around loud machinery, ear protection is a must.
  • Safety goggles: Use the type of safety google that is most appropriate for your project. 
  • Gloves: Like safety goggles, wear the gloves made of the material best suited for your job.
  • Safety Harness: Everyone who leaves the ground should wear a safety harness. Fall protection equipment includes safety belts, lifelines, lanyards, and safety netting. Use the appropriate type for the activity. 

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These are just some of the pieces of equipment needed to build with steel, but much more equipment may be necessary.

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