Why Choose Pre-engineered Metal Buildings For Your Warehouse

When you need a flexible, durable, and cost-effective warehouse, there's only one type of building you should consider: a pre-engineered metal building from a respected company like STEVENS.

Warehouses today are overwhelmingly constructed using steel over any other type of building materials, and the maintenance for prefabricated metal buildings help them last a long time. 

In fact, steel now claims 95% of all industrial buildings.

With significant advances in technology over the recent years, pre-engineered metal warehouse buildings have been proven to be the most logical choice for various warehousing needs.

In the article below, we will go over a few reasons why prefabricated metal buildings should be your first choice for your warehouse.

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Are metal warehouses strong and durable?

The inherent strength of steel provides several benefits when it is used as a warehouse.

First, most warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers require wide, open spaces. 

A pre-engineered building doesn't need interior support columns. 

Steel prefabricated warehouses offer unobstructed interiors up to 300’ wide, and they can also be 480’ wide with minimal support columns. 

That's the length of one-and-a-half football fields.

The strength of steel also allows for limitless lengths. There are practically no limits when it comes to the length of your warehouse.

We've covered length and width, so it should be obvious that steel buildings can be tall, reaching heights of 40’ or more. 

Many warehouses maximize their usable space by building high ceilings and adding a mezzanine floor.

The amazing strength-to-weight ratio of steel allows for extremely wide openings for your warehouse. 

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Your warehouse can be anything you want it to be thanks to pre-engineered metal buildings


The strength of steel also allows for maximum flexibility, making it the most logical choice for warehousing purposes.

With pre-engineered steel construction, you can design your warehouse to your exact specifications with hardly any restrictions.

If you need a large unobstructed area for your equipment, machinery, and inventory while allowing vehicles and people to move safely within the premises, a pre-engineered metal warehouse is your best solution.

If you need office spaces and living areas, that's okay too.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are the best options for your steel warehouse

You can add them in without disrupting your operations.

And if your business outgrows your building, expansion is a breeze.

If you think you may need to extend your building in the future, this is a straightforward process with steel.

If the original building was erected correctly and well-maintained, you can easily expand it rather than having to start from scratch and construct an entirely new structure.

Choosing load-bearing end walls simplifies future expansion and provides more options for remodeling.

And your warehouse doesn't have to be an eyesore.

Your exterior can be finished in colorful, high-quality steel panels, glass, brick, stone, tilt-up concrete, EIFS, or stucco.

You also have other finishing options like gutter systems, mezzanine floor systems, skylights, vents, and more.

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Are metal warehouses Cost Efficient?

Metal warehouse buildings decrease construction and operating costs.

First, you will have low material costs.

The low cost-per-square-foot for prefabricated metal buildings makes steel the most cost-effective way to build large structures.

Prefabricated steel buildings are also constructed much faster than other building methods.

With steel, it's possible to construct a highly stable structure with very few pieces. 

And, every piece of framing is factory-built to exacting specifications in a quality-controlled environment and shipped to the job site. 

Your parts arrive at the site clearly marked and ready to assemble. 

Metal warehouses will also need very little routine maintenance, and commercial-grade steel framing earns lower insurance premiums.

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Your steel warehouse will be resistant to the elements

are pre-engineered metal buildings Resistant to the Elements?

Another massive advantage of steel buildings is that they can handle a wide range of environments and climates.

Steel buildings are extremely fire resistant, making them a great option for warehouses that store hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory.

Metal buildings are also grounded buildings, so if they are ever struck by lightning, they will safely disperse the charge into the earth.

Prefabricated metal buildings are also built with wind exposure in mind, so you can rest assured knowing your building will withstand the various wind exposure it may encounter.

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Why Choose STEVENS

At STEVENS, our metal building systems team can provide advanced Metal Building Kits to streamline your next steel warehouse project.

Pre-engineered steel building kits have unlimited, customizable options to make your warehouse unique and one-of-a-kind and tailored to your business' needs.

The STEVENS building systems team uses customizable, high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings with industry-leading capabilities and are constructed with American-made, recyclable Nucor steel.

STEVENS is ready to provide you with the highest-quality metal warehouse buildings constructed with long-lasting steel that suit your needs.

Contact STEVENS today for an estimate and allow us to make your next building project a success.

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