How Are Steel Buildings Safer?

Safety is the main concern when you do anything.

Steel and metal buildings are growing in popularity for several reasons.

They are affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and prefabricated steel buildings don't take long to erect.

But one of the main reasons pre-engineered metal buildings are being used more and more is because of how safe they are.

Prefab metal buildings offer great safety and protection.

Because of their superior durability, a prefabricated steel building can protect you from the elements, intruders, fires, and it can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to meet each customer’s safety needs while still providing flexible plans and styles.

In the article below, we'll take a look at why steel is the best material for your construction project.

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It's a Proven Durable Material

Businesses have been choosing to construct with steel since the late 1800s.

That's when its strength, durability, and safety were recognized as an upgrade to cast iron.

Now steel frame buildings are a popular building method in North America and much of the rest of the world due largely to their unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.

There are decades of evidence that ensures steel buildings are designed and engineered to the strictest safety and building standards.

And with 3D modeling, architects and engineers can find potential hazardous issues and correct them before the site is even leveled.

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metal Buildings Protect From The Elements

PRE-ENGINEERED METAL BUILDINGS ARE SAFER THAN TRADITIONAL BUILDING MATERIALSMetal buildings can be designed to meet the safety requirements necessary to stand up to natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, lightning strikes, or an earthquake.

Structural steel is so durable that the top aircraft industry professionals use it to house their most valuable aircraft and assets.

But prefab metal buildings can do more than protect you from the occasional natural disaster.

They can also protect the inside of your building from day-to-day combatants like pest infestations, mold, mildew, and rot.

Prefabricated steel building components ensure that your possessions inside of your building are safeguarded while the exterior elements are kept where they belong - outside.

Here's a quick breakdown of how steel can offer you protection:

  • Steel can bend without breaking and withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH without incurring damage to the exterior or foundation.
  • Steel absorbs more energy than its less sturdy counterparts, and it doesn't attract lightning any more easily than any other building material.
  • If your steel building is struck by lightning, the damage from the lightning will be minimized because of the lower electrical resistance of steel. The lightning's heat will be spread out along the roof and walls to be grounded in the earth.
  • Steel will protect the people and property inside of the building from the effects of a lightning strike.
  • A steel structure can stand strong in a Seismic Zone 4, the highest classification of seismic zones that are more prone to seismic waves and shifting grounds.

Steel Buildings Protect From Intruders

Another thing that makes metal buildings safe is their ability to protect against intruders.

If you're building in an unsafe area, or you need to be sure that your building will be safe from break-ins or intrusions from vandals, metal buildings are the way to go.

If your building houses valuable property or sensitive information, you need to know that your assets will be housed in a highly secure building.

Metal buildings can be designed to meet your exact design and security specifications to provide you protection from vandals, thieves, and unwanted intruders.

Metal Buildings are Fire Resistant

Just like no building is immune to lightning strikes, no building is completely fireproof.

But steel is fire resistant, meaning a fire would spread at a slower rate through a metal building than a traditional wood building.

The extra time you have if there is a fire could be the difference between a total loss and minimal damage or life and death.

The relationship between structural steel and fire has been rigorously tested for decades.

Those tests ensure that metal buildings are designed and constructed to the strictest standards.


Pre-engineered metal building Stands Up To Daily Wear and Tear

Steel structures create a building designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

That same wear and tear can wreak havoc on traditional building materials.

Routine maintenance expenses required in traditional structures for re-roofing, siding repair, and exterior painting can cost building owners thousands of dollars each year.

That's without mentioning the hassle caused by water damage or invading four, six, and eight-legged critters.

Metal roofing and side panels typically come with warranties of up to 40 years.

Those warranties will ensure that your low-maintenance structure will remain weather resistant and maintain its aesthetic appeal for decades to come.

Contact STEVENS To Start Your Metal Building Project

Businesses looking for a cost-effective but safe way to create a custom building that will stand the test of time turn to metal structures more and more.

Whether it's their ability to be customized to their low-cost construction, long-term durability, or strict safety standards, metal buildings are a safe construction alternative with unrivaled protection for your business for decades to come.

No matter where you are in the process of building, STEVENS has a solution for you.

The STEVENS building systems company uses customizable, high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings with industry-leading capabilities and are constructed with American-made, recyclable Nucor steel.

STEVENS is ready to provide you with a high-quality metal building constructed with long-lasting, safe steel to suit your needs.

Contact STEVENS today for an estimate and allow us to make your next pre-engineered metal building project a success.



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