If you're looking for the perfect building solution, an industrial metal building kit is one of the best choices you can make. 

Metal prefab building kits offer business owners, project managers, or general contractors numerous advantages like:

  • Innovative building designs and customization
  • Shorter construction time frame than a conventional building
  • Steel is a durable building material and withstands harsher weather conditions.
  • Industrial building kits offer open floor plans giving businesses more design options
  • Customization options so your building can be designed exactly the way you need it

As you can see there are many advantages and metal building options for your industrial building project. It's one of the reasons so many power plants are choosing pre-engineered metal buildings.

In the article below, we will take a look at what an industrial metal building is, and what it can be used for.

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What's An Industrial Metal Building?

An industrial metal building is one of the four main types of commercial properties used for business purposes.

Industrial buildings are large structures primarily used for manufacturing facilities or storing raw materials, goods, or services for economic purposes.

A pre-engineered industrial steel building system includes four different types of steel framing designed to work together.

In the primary system, red-iron wall columns and ceiling pieces attach to form a single frame.

Secondary framing connects across the bays with self-drilling screws for lateral support.

The third part of the metal building system for commercial buildings is the end wall framing.

Steel wall and roof panels complete the metal building system, creating the exterior "skin" of the structure.

Steel buildings constructed with a metal building system don't have to look like an old steel barn.

They can be finished with any typical building material to achieve the "look" you need.


Benefits Of Industrial Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings


The metal building industry designs steel industrial buildings to stand firm and last long.  

This building type can retain its strength and value for decades.

Your custom building made out of steel will also be very low maintenance, so you will save a lot on maintenance costs throughout the structure's lifetime.

Prefabricated buildings are also constructed in a climate-controlled facility, so you save construction costs during the construction process.



Clear Span Interiors

One of the biggest advantages of steel buildings for the industrial sector are their clear-span capabilities.

Rigid steel framing is so strong it can span extreme distances without needing interior support columns, or industrial operations.

As a business owner, that allows you far greater flexibility and maneuverability when designing your structure.

To get the most out of your space, you can utilize higher structures and add optional steel mezzanine floors to create a second-floor space.

With an open floor plan, your metal building package can be designed to fit the needs of your specific business. 



There are what seems like infinite possibilities for steel industrial structures.

You can design extra loads for sprinkler systems, overhead cranes, overhead doors, skylights, or any other specialized industrial requirements.

With a prefab steel building package, you can design your structure to fit your needs now, and be set up so you can expand in the future.

You also have various insulation options to help keep your energy costs down throughout the year.


Potential Uses for Steel Industrial Buildings

An industrial pre-engineered building kit could be used for many different types of businesses.

Below we'll outline some potential uses for industrial buildings.


Manufacturing Metal Building Solutions

Industrial buildings are perfect for a manufacturing plant.

Prefab metal buildings make great housing for manufacturers because they are durable, spacious, and can handle the rigors and intensity of manufacturing processes.

Their clear span capabilities make these buildings quite popular for holding a wide array of machinery and establishing manufacturing activities that achieve excellent operational efficiency.

Metal prefab commercial buildings can also be easily expanded.

It's usually as simple as removing a wall and adding additional structures to increase your building space.

You can easily expand manufacturing to meet demand and ensure that you don't miss any potential opportunities with minimal interruption or downtime to business operations.


Industrial Warehouse Buildings

A prefabricated building is also ideal for warehouses because of its wide-open design.

The most important factor for managing your shipping and receiving is having enough available interior space.

The potential metal prefab building height and width are enough to store inventory while allowing space for logistics and organizational activities.

Metal prefab buildings can also be built and attached to existing structures. This can help limit business downtime while adding more functional space for your company.


Prefab Metal Building Kits With Overhead Cranes

Many businesses will require an overhead crane. Industrial buildings offer a major advantage for these industries due to their clear span design. 

Industries like ship-building, online fulfillment centers, aviation, distribution centers, concrete manufacturing, and injection molding facilities all benefit from a metal prefab building kit with an overhead crane. 

But an industrial building is not just a basic structure, and your facility may require a different building feature than another.  That's why you need to work with a team of metal building experts, like STEVENS.


Ready to Get Started On Your Industrial Metal Building Construction Project?

Finding a dependable steel building company can be challenging, but it's also essential when dealing with an industrial steel building project.

If you're looking for the best metal building design team in the industrial industry, STEVENS offers high-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings and can work on almost every steel structure. 

Our team will help you customize your facility to suit your exact needs, supply, and erect your pre-engineered steel building.

They will ensure that they meet their specific needs and requirements for every steel building project. 

If you're ready to get started on your industrial metal building project click on the button below to create your metal building quote.


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